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To help spotlight the extraordinary decision by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) last year, to set the quota of Australian music on the commercial digital network over the next three years at zero percent, ASONG is holding an open forum on Wednesday, May 17 at APRA|AMCOS.

Australia's digital radio future - Meeting the challenge Padcast audio transcripts of the forum:
  1. Welcome by ASONG Chair Roxanne Kiely

  2. Introduction by ASONG Director Denny Burgess

  3. Michael Smith - Associate Editor Drum magazine

  4. Daniel Driscoll - ABC Producer

  5. Matthew Donlevy - M.D. Peer Music Publishing

  6. Nicole BZ - Exec Dir. Assoc. of Artist Managers

  7. Dean Ormston - Corporate Services APRA

  8. Q & A Part 1

  9. Q & A Part 2

  10. Q & A Part 3

  11. Q & A / Outroductions
Find out more about the forum's panellists: More Panellists to be confirmed.

If you can make it to the forum on the night, don't forget to .

Need to get up-to-speed on what this is all about?

Check the links on our page about Australian radio content quotas which address not only this issue, but the broader history of local content on australian commercial and non-commercial networks.

Daniel Driscoll - Producer Local Radio's Saturday Night Country ABC

Daniel Driscoll has been a program maker at ABC Radio for over 25 years. He is currently a senior producer at Local Radio in Sydney making live radio, features and programming music. He has worked on, and contributed to, many specialist music shows including Local Radio's Saturday Night Country and Radio National's Melisma.
Daniel was the producer for Mark Dodshon's Australian Music Show on Triple J (from 1984-1987) and Tracee Hutchison's "Your Name's On The Door" and was involved in the new music initiatives "Cooking With George", "Band of the Week" and "Live at the Wireless". Dan took up a position as full-time music programmer and scheduler for Triple J in (1987-1991) as well as presenting and producing radio programs. He still uses a turntable in preference to an ipod.

Matthew Donlevy - Peer Music Publishing

Matthew is the Managing Director of Peermusic Pty Limited, Southern Music Publishing Co (Australasia) Pty Limited and Frankdon Music Pty Limited. He is also a Director of the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (since 1991), Australasian Music Publishers Association Limited, David Platz Music (Australia) Pty Limited and Minder Music Australia Pty Ltd. Matthew's previous appointments include professional manager of ATV Northern Songs and Castle Music.

Michael Smith - Associate Editor Drum magazine

Born in London in 1952, Smith migrated to Australia in 1964 with his parents, missing, much to his horror, The Beatles visit by a month. Settling in Elizabeth in South Australia ensured he'd never quite lose his English accent and that, despite his father's hopes for him of an academic career and a BA (Adelaide Uni) with majors in English Lit and Geography, he'd end up playing bass in a band with a 16 year old Jimmy Barnes. With the band that got Smith out of Adelaide, Scandal, he also got to tour with 10CC and ELO, appear on Countdown, and release four singles and an album with them before the band folded and he landed in Sydney. Smith was invited to write a column on bass playing, and suddenly found himself a "rock" journalist.
It has been rock journalism that has placed him in the perfect position to interview all his musician friends for a variety of magazines including Juke, RAM, Rolling Stone, Sonics, On The Street and, for the past 20 years as Associate Editor and last remaining founding staff member of The Drum Media. He also plays bass with Steve Flack's Guitar Heroes. He remains unrepentantly unsophisticated.
It seems the bugger's also got an MA in English Lit and another in Studies in 20th Century American Civilisation (both NSWU). Smith now also plays in Plasticine Machine, debut EP out May.

Dean Ormston - Corporate Services APRA

Dean has worked with APRA|AMCOS for over 15 years and is currently Head of Corporate Services, responsible for government relations, marketing/communications and operations. Dean is a Board Director of Screenrights, the Music Council of Australia and the Australian Copyright Council. He is also Company Secretary for the Australasian Music Publishers Association Limited (AMPAL).
Dean is a member of the CISAC Communications Committee. He works closely with industry, state and federal governments, in relation to a broad range of music industry issues and opportunities and research initiatives.
In a past life Dean was a high school music teacher, working in Canberra and London.

Nicole BZ - Executive Director Association of Artist Managers

While completing a BA degree in Communications from the University of Colorado, BZ worked as the marketing manager for an arts management company (Madison House Inc.) and the assistant production manager for a local theatre (The Fox Theatre). She moved to Sydney to further her production skills, earning a diploma in Audio Engineering, establish an independent record label and, at that point, build a recording studio (Def Wolf Pty Ltd).
Nicole received a Masters in Arts Management from the joint venture between the Australian Institute of Music and The Sydney Opera House. She lectures at the Institute and was elected as Executive Director for the Association of Artist Managers.
The AAM challenges Nicole to grow its influence, specifically through relationship, budget and event management, working alongside many inter/national music businesses and organisations. Her experience enables her to speak the language of a wide range of clients, from corporate executives to venue caretakers, young emerging artists to contemporary rock stars and classical performers. Nicole loves the role of The Executive Director of the AAM, working with creative innovators, interested in both music, management and the greater community, together building a stronger creative and musical industry for the future. BZ has always thoroughly enjoyed supporting artists and commercially minded individuals.

ASONG held concerts in both Sydney and Tamworth, NSW, with a view to combining aussie entertainment with some enlightening information about this issue.
  • Artist info for the Sydney concert.
  • Artist info for the Tamworth concert.
Press release for Tamworth concert

ASONG has been created to act as an umbrella structure to build upon and extend the foundations laid down by the respective Australian songwriting member organisations.

For the first time, Australian songwriters, will enjoy the benefits of having a unified, group which, while comprising elements of its independent members, will connect songwriters in Australia like never before, and strengthen their voice in the music industry.

ASONG has plans to extend the links between songwriters and publishers, live music venues, governing bodies at local, state and federal levels, as well as all facets of the media, from radio and television, to emerging technologies, such as online content providers and telecommunication devices.

This is an exciting period for Australian songwriters, who provide the content that drives the Australian music industry. ASONG's collaborative leadership will contribute to stronger, deeper and more effective relations between all those who help create the soundtrack to the world in which we live.

Whether you are in a band, a solo songwriter/composer, publisher or are involved with entertainment media in any way, please feel free to contact ASONG, via our Contact page, to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals, while helping others to do the same.

A copy of ASONG's constitution is available here

ASONG article in Rhyme & Reason magazine
ASONG article in July '09 issue of APRAP

Did you know that there are legislated rules laid down by the Federal Government, with specific percentages of how much Australian content is to be played by commercial radio stations? Why would it have to do this? Don't commercial radio stations in Australia want to play aussie music to Aussies? Do other countries do this? What are their percentages and how does this system impact upon the local industry?
You'll be surprised at what you'll find out at the concert...

These questions, among others, will be addressed on January 21st at the Family Hotel, but we won't be raving on too long as we'll be there to party!

  Find out more about the ACMA decision to lower Australian content quota on commercial digital radio for the next three years to 0% HERE

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